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❤ B A B Y N A R W H A L ❤

Poor child i just want to hold you and never let go. :(


Peter Quill And Rocket Discuss Tactics

Guardians of the Galaxy #13


Thirsty ?

You are probably my best friend, Fuzzy, you know that?


Fangirl Challenge ♔ [1/5] cartoons | Young Justice

Just don’t die, ok? And no unnecessary risks to the squad.

caravellieli replied to your photo “Vommed some colors on a class doodle I did during Russian Lit. I am…”

Pretty drawings as always :3

Thank you~ U v U

No please stop you cannot be that cute!!!! AHHHH!!

Vommed some colors on a class doodle I did during Russian Lit. I am not a good student I am baaad. But how could I not doodle a tiny child circus Kurt? 


Anatoli (Tolya) Ivanovich Rasskazov
Age: 21
Height: 5'9 (175.26 cm)
Weight: 140 lb (67.6 kg)
Fur: White and black..
Eyes: Blue 

Not the nicest guy, doesn't believe in much of anything. He has a negative view of the world, and of the people in it. Does not consider himself to be a man of action, and seems to be getting nowhere in life. Grade A complainer who never tries to really better the situation.

I had this scanned on my old laptop and finally put some colors on it. U v U 


Catwoman #34 Selfie Variant by Stephane Roux


It’s late enough that I’m feeling brave enough to post this nasty little pen doodle from late last night. I am sorry I just really like it for some reason.